Halal Correct Quality guarantee

The guarantee for quality and continuity plays a pivotal concern at Halal correct system. We use a structural procedure to select, train and authorize our auditor and Islamic Affair Expert to do the audit. We also focus on investing our team to help us reach our goals in the future.

The Halal Correct Certification activities are according to ISO 17065, ISO 17021:1-2012 and Gulf standard 2055:2-2021 to ensure the quality and services we provide for our clients. This is why Halal Correct Certification will always be striving to improve its own quality management.

How we protect our services :

  • Our customer relationship management handles any questions as soon as possible within 24 hours.
  • Spread and maintain the network with the international authorities.
  • Apply halal audit standard during the certification.
  • Join national and international halal and food safety conferences or workshop.

Halal Correct Certification has drawn up a number of principles

Halal Correct logo is registered at Benelux office for Intellectual Property. Any kinds of use for our logo need to be communicated with us. The third parties is allowed to use the logo only if Halal Correct has given its written consent.

The use of the logo on packaging is only allowed for clients who have a contract with Halal Correct Certification and who were given written consent which includes a description of where, how, and for which product groups the logo can be used.

The issuance of halal certificates can be done after all certification procedure have been passed by the company/client. The contract also needs to be signed before the certification begins. The member of the Executive Board and the chairman of the Sharia/religious council will be two authorized parties who will sign and validate the contract.

The Halal Correct certificates are intended for the clients and their customers to guarantee the dignity of the halal products. It is strictly prohibited to use the Halal Correct certificates as proof of halal dignity in restaurants and in shops/retail branch.

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The Halal Guarantee

If you find out our logo on a product in the market it means that the product has been halal certified by us. This assurance comes through a various process of certification and inspection from the beginning to end production lines.

We select, train and authorize the auditor and Islamic Affair Expert based on their audit experiences, educational background, category expertise and other relevant training.

The Halal Correct Certification Foundation Halal Correct Certification places great store on working in compliance with the core values and the foundation of the Islamic nutrition regulations when it comes to halal certification. “الرجوع إلى الأصل”.

That is why we have summarized our guidelines in 7 standards which we can guarantee to the Muslim consumer. When you opt for Halal Correct, you are choosing the following seven stars/Guarantees of Halal Correct

  • Guarantee that animal welfare is safeguarded.
  • Guarantee that the animal is 100% healthy and alive during slaughtering.
  • Guarantee that we do not allow shooting guns and no anesthesia by gas.
  • Guarantee that all animals are slaughtered by hand in accordance with Islamic custom and by Muslims.
  • Guarantee that the halal production is always completely separated and executed in pig-free areas.
  • Guarantee that all ingredients and additives are screened and approved for halal dignity.
  • Guarantee that we permanently and consistently monitor the entire chain from slaughter to packaging.
  • Animal welfare

    The welfare of the animals that are intended for halal slaughter is a very important part of the traditional halal certification procedure of Halal Correct certification. The traditional and ritual halal slaughter system demands a holistic approach to make sure that all the traditionally halal-slaughtered meat complies with the high standards of animal welfare. In addition, the traditionally halal-trained supervisors and technical auditors will work closely with the traditional halal-certified slaughterhouses to ensure that the Tayyib (health) element of halal is carried out properly. This will provide safe and high-quality meat and it safeguards the standards for animal welfare. Halal Correct Certification is also part of the committee for slaughtering without the use of stunning or anesthetics, which was established by the Dutch government to safeguard the animal welfare during halal slaughtering.