Vision, mission and core values :

Our Vision :

We believe that people have the right to consume reliable halal products, in the Netherlands as well as in Europe and the rest of the world. That is why we are committed to continuously improve our own quality management system. To achieve this, we are working more and more on an international level and we increasingly aim for international accreditation.

Our Mission :

The mission of Halal Correct is to assist people and organizations who want to consume certified halal products. We certify slaughterhouses and food processing industries around Europe, and we are experts when it comes to the application of the right processes of halal practices we certify and which are involved in the preparation, processing, handling, packaging, transportation, and distribution of food products..

Core values :

Halal Correct Certification has established a list of principles. These principles are guidelines for the determination of processes and work method. The 5 principles of trust and expertise, conscious integrity, improvements and continuous learning, and an objective approach are the building blocks of Halal Correct.

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