Auditing and training

The organization team is an expertise on their field. We set a high concern on our recruitment. They are selected based on their competency and experiences according to GSO-2055:2021 clause 7. Most of them have a background on food technology and food microbiology field.

To improve and to always have an updated skills and knowledge, each year we send our qualified auditor to participate in International Halal Food training for instance the training program held by EIAC related to UEA.S 2055-1, UAE.S. 933, GSO 2055-1, GSO 993, OIC / SMIIIC 1 and animal welfare.

Our lead auditors are continuously working through traineeships to develop and to train different auditors for different scope application areas, so our auditors with the right knowledge will be more widely employable. All auditors are in possession of ISO 19011 quality standard (auditing and audit techniques)

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