The added value of certification by Halal Correct:

Halal certification is only issued by a trusted and legally halal certification body. Halal Correct has been recognized nationally and internationally for its halal certification services. We work with more than hundred clients every year!

processes, procedures, work instructions, responsibilities and information flows become the main concern in our system.

Additionally, there are procedures in place to check whether work is also carried out according to the standards. We apply an update and newest standard to our reference in order to deliver the best quality for out consumers.

If a customer works according to Halal Correct standards, this means that a well-functioning quality system is in place and that Halal standards are also met. But it does not always guarantee that work is done according to the standards. This requires discipline from employees and managers. This is an essential fact and it is important to consider it carefully. This is done by performing certification audits and frequent inspections by skilled and trained Halal Correct employees.

In a number of cases, the company itself see the certificate only as formality on a paper. however, there are a lot of industries analyse it as a starting point to reach more global market and target more added value for the product characteristics. the company which understands the meaning of its halal certificate.
At the 'wanting companies' the desire to offer good quality, to meet the Halal standards and to obtain a certificate stems from the inner desire of the management and employees. At the 'must-have companies', on the other hand, this is more or less enforced by the customers. A number of companies simply do not do business with non-Halal certified suppliers.
Excellent quality is not only the main focus for Halal correct certified suppliers. For most of the cases it can be the main focus; however, quality and certification are not inextricably linked. Obtaining a certificate is sometimes compared to obtaining a school diploma: someone has the necessary knowledge, skills and insight. But just after obtaining the diploma, the person has to prove again and again that he continues to deliver the right performance.

Of course, a Halal Correct certificate has a certain value! The main advantage is that the organization proves to the outside world that it complies with the standards set by Halal Correct. In order to obtain the certificate, we have examined it for Halalworthiness and quality. This was done on the basis of objective standards. In addition, the organization has spent quite some time dealing with the requirements for obtaining the certificate. Halal awareness among employees has grown.

Delivering a halal concept to our clients seems to be a point of attention. In the end, they try to develop their quality assurance standard system at their company by developing a halal procedure which becomes one of the certification indicators. Halal procedure leads the company to possess recognition from Halal Correct that those companies concern about their end product image around a halal market.

A recognized and legal halal certificate is only issued by admitted and specialized halal certification bodies. Halal correct has been accredited by several Halal Accreditation Bodies located in some countries for instance EIAC, JAKIM, MUI, and MUIS, resulting a great performance for halal correct to continuou their vision and mission to help muslim community worldwide. The certificate gained from some accreditation bodies is updated regularly to depict that our organizations standards is well preserved and always improved.

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