Vision, mission and core values:

We believe that people have the right to consume reliable halal products, in the Netherlands as well as in Europe and the rest of the world.

That is why we are committed to continuously improve our own quality management system. To achieve this, we are working more and more on an international level and we increasingly aim for international accreditation.We are there…

Our services for performing diagnostics and quick analysis of your processes, procedures and raw materials enable rapid verification of your chain so that we can implement an action plan and propose suitable solutions to any shortcomings you are facing.

We have developed and optimized tools that enable very fast analysis of your process/system, whilst at the same time fulfilling the requirements of national and international standards.

Auditing services:

We intervene as a third-audit auditor to evaluate your systems and issue the requisite certification.

Our certified auditors do their work professionally, acting impartially, and applying their know-how. The diverse nature of our audits and our auditors’ capacity to adapt themselves to your specific context makes them a key success factor for getting ahead of the curve.

Our auditors rely on standardized method principles (ISO 19011):

  • A qualified, experienced auditor
  • A rigorous method
  • The auditor’s independence in relation to the activities audited
  • Transparency throughout the audit
  • Objectivity: the audit is based on tangible proof
  • Reliable feedback on observations (closing meeting, audit report)
  • The information is kept confidential.

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Customized training:

Right now, you can discover the QMS Solutions that meet all your training needs.

As skills are the prerequisite for good performance, along with staff involvement at all levels, Halal Correct Certification has developed a wide range of customized training courses so it can share and pass on its knowledge to the personnel in each specific company.

Our range of training courses can be implemented on your premises and they are adaptable to your needs and your context (duration, schedule, level of difficulty, number of participants, etc.). We can also come up with fully customized training courses in accordance with your specifications.

Accreditation and partnership:


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